Simplify Your Shipping

Save time and resources by compressing your shipping process into a single, automated and intuitive step and get your packages out of the door faster.


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Connected & Synchronized

ShipDesk can connect and synchronize information across intranet and internet based systems and is tightly integrated with the XactShip Consolidated Shipping platform for hands off data synchronization.

  • Retrieve order detail lines from intranet based databases and remote sources such as Shopify and Amazon.
  • Synchronize package information directly to the XactShip Consolidated Shipping platform.
  • Save package information and boxed items back to your ERP, WMS or web based order system.
  • Completely customizable to connect and fulfill your specific requirements and needs.

Accurate & Easy to Use

Utilizing the ExpressCube line of dimensioning scales, handheld scanner, tablet, label printer and our custom software the ShipDesk platform allows your warehouse to accurately manage your packages.

  • Weigh and measure your boxes and products, regardless of the shape, in one quick step.
  • A handheld scanner lets you quickly identify and load the order or product you are working on.
  • Simple and intuitive software combined with a touchscreen lets you progress through the process quickly and easily.
  • Attached label printer allows you to print shipping or other labels directly from ShipDesk.

Intelligent & Informed

ShipDesk makes packing and shipping easier by reducing inconsistencies, streamlining packing and connecting your ordered items to their packages saving you time, money and allowing you to keep your customers informed.

  • Indicate what is in the box with the simple touch interface so you know what items shipped in what box.
  • Preselects and autoselect as much information as possible to speed up the packing process.
  • Checks and double checks incoming data to ensure information is entered correctly.
  • Accommodates edge case packages by allowing your packers to manually set incoming data.


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